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I wish he was alive

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Jailhouse Rock will always be my favorite Elvis song.

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You forgot hard headed woman the complete 68 comeback special youtube elvis 68 comeback special


elvis presley 68 comeback concert Buy cheap Elvis: '68 Comeback spécialités The dumbest thing i ever heard from a relative of mine that : Nobody listens to Elvis anymore, nobody even knows who he is Words of a Jack Ass your song on number 1 its viva las veggies is number 1. dumbo


elvis presley memories the 68 comeback special brian setzer 68 comeback special If I can dream should of been number 1 scotty moore has died a few days ago in case you didnt know.. he was elvis guitarist that refined rock n roll. If I Can Dream should be #1 How did you limit the list to only ten? Buy+cheap+Elvis:+'68+Comeback+spécial noël elvis 68 comeback special deluxe edition dvd Coolest cat that walked the planet. He has no equal. Never will. That's why he's the king of cool. Talent on loan from God. The King of us all

OMG!!!!! Just another great song by the beautiful beautiful Elvis. May God bless you and we love you so. Nice Song is Kentucky Rain !!!






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