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The nightcrawler had better get some good screen time.

And of course the black man is training Robin Hood

Saving Private Ryan is my favorite smoothie so yeah We believe in God no one come from that He just wants his Oscar for best actor Stupid to say it weren’t a human achievement Neil said one small step for man not Americans In reality she’d hear so many dumb thoughts. Like why glue doesn’t stick to the inside if the bottle Nice trailer Now with cell phones we are evolving back into monkeys. aquaman the trailer for minecraft update 1.13 everybody asking where will smith is like he was the only star in that movie what about tommy lee jones?? he was also legendary in his own grumpy way lol he and will TOGETHER made MIB what it was.

Rocketman looks weak compared to the Bohemian Rhapsody trailer.


Honestly, would you actually put it past the American government to lie about the moon landing?

Spoilers he lands on the moon and comes back down with some minor inconvenience

Started reading the comic's in the 60's. Loved Aquaman above all other because I am and always have been a waterdog! Even have a full color arm sleeve of the ocean on my arm and I live in the desert! The fact that Jason Momoa is Aquaman is simply superb...his acting skills are far beyond any role given to him yet. Totally rocks!!. give this man a cookie We know this actress could play Dark Phoenix but tbh I don't expect much after Apocalypse..


Mary queen of Scots was raised in the french court of Henry II, she should have a prominent french accent.

Alex Mahone , a face you can’t read



we want logan no one else can replace it sorry doctor charles and Magnito

Did man really go on moon ? Or was that a propaganda just to bankrupt Soviet Union.


What's the cover photo Of? Is it just click bate? When will it come on Blu-ray ? Neil's sons: We've read a number of comments about the film today and specifically about the absence of the flag planting scene, made largely by people who haven't seen the movie. As we've seen it multiple times, we thought maybe we should weigh in. This is a film that focuses on what you don't know about Neil Armstrong. It's a film that focuses on things you didn't see or may not remember about Neil's journey to the moon. The filmmakers spent years doing extensive research to get at the man behind the myth, to get at the story behind the story. It's a movie that gives you unique insight into the Armstrong family and fallen American Heroes like Elliot See and Ed White. It's a very personal movie about our dad's journey, seen through his eyes. This story is human and it is universal. Of course, it celebrates an America achievement. It also celebrates an achievement for all mankind, as it says on the plaque Neil and Buzz left on the moon. It is a story about an ordinary man who makes profound sacrifices and suffers through intense loss in order to achieve the impossible. Although Neil didn't see himself that way, he was an American hero. He was also an engineer and a pilot, a father and a friend, a man who suffered privately through great tragedies with incredible grace. This is why, though there are numerous shots of the American flag on the moon, the filmmakers chose to focus on Neil looking back at the earth, his walk to Little West Crater, his unique, personal experience of completing this journey, a journey that has seen so many incredible highs and devastating lows. In short, we do not feel this movie is anti-American in the slightest. Quite the opposite. But don't take our word for it. We'd encourage everyone to go see this remarkable film and see for themselves..

Booooooooooooooooooooooring Que pecadores se van en el infernos エド!! The bad husband was Lex Luthor with a hair. I thought I should comment a Smallville reference.

I'm already bored out of my mind.

I notice all the conspiracy tards are out in force in this thread. They are all probably Trump supporters as well. Why does Grace always start with a high pitched voice and then draws it down to regular. Not really needed. I smell oscars in the air... I'm pretty sure Ryan Gosling just worded it wrong. The movie is about the space race yes and how America beat Russia but at its core its about Neil Armstrong overcoming his grief and how he has to direct his grief towards a goal: landing on the moon. Spoilers: although they show America's achievement in the end (which many think was not worth it due to money and lives) and the world celebrating on Earth, but on the moon, the most significant part is Neil letting go of his daughter's bracelet into the crater, because it's a Neil Armstrong biopic and that was what was most important to him. Plus, America wouldn't have gone to the moon if it weren't for the Soviets competition, so I guess it's kinda a human achievement in a way because they motivated each other as a result of their competitiveness. But the film clearly addresses America's achievement and the controversy is silly..






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